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Pavement Ants

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Other name: Little black ants
Color:  Dark brown to black
Size: 1/8″
Legs: 6
Diet: Almost anything, but prefer protein
Hazard: may contaminate food


Where to find them: Damp or damaged wood

Pavement Ants. Harmless...But Still A Bother.


Pavements are found everywhere.

They're small, blackish in color and like to make nests in pavement cracks, hence the name. They're not picky eaters, but prefer a diet rich in protein.

Pavement ants in Cleveland are quite happy living outside. However, they can move indoors if they find an access. Once inside your home, pavement ants typically stay on the ground level and nest under the floors and inside walls.

What Do Pavement Ants Eat?
Pavement ants' favorite food are the crumbs on your kitchen floor. No matter how good you sweep, pavement ants will find those crumbs and food debris lodged in the cracks and crevices of your kitchen.


They also will attack your pet’s food bowls and may even climb on your kitchen counter, possibly contaminating your food preparation surfaces.

Our Team of Exterminators Can Help Control Pavement Ants

The best way to get rid of a pavement ant infestation is to call a professional pest exterminator in Cleveland.

Our pest control experts take a global approach to treat your pavement ant problem. First, we will treat all the problem areas inside your home. Then, we can provide an outdoor power spray or perimeter granular treatment that will create a barrier against further pavement ant invasions.

Both of the above treatments are part of our Home Protection Plan. Learn more. 

Top 3 Ways To Keep Pavement Ants Out of Your Home:
  1. Keep food debris off the floor and maintain a clean floor.

  2. Keep pet’s food bowls and surrounding areas clean.

  3. Clean up spills, especially grease, right away.

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Pavement ants are covered under our Home Protection Plan!

We won't stop until
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