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Sanitizing Service

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Can we be there while you treat?
Not in the immediate vicinity

Safe for food prep area? 
Yes. However, surfaces that will come in contact with a persons mouth should be washed off. 

How often do you recommend disinfecting? 
If there is constant exposure it should be done often, ,however if it is a one time contamination one spray will kill it off. 

How long do I need to be out?
The disinfect dries with in ten minutes at which time its perfectly safe to come in contact with treated surfaces How long does the process take. It really depends on the size of the treated area and the amount of surfaces that need to be treated. 

How far in advance do we need to schedule?
We usually can schedule in same day of service request and for sure by the next day.

Will it damage machinery? 
Unless its super sensitive to moisture it is fine.

Additional Questions?

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