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American Cockroach

American roach pest control in cleveland

Other names: Palmetto bug, waterbug

Color: Brown to reddish brown

Size: Up to 2″

Legs: 6

Diet: Leaves, fungi, algae and spills of human and pet food indoors.

Natural predators: Toads, frogs and some beetles

Hazard: May carry bacteria and worms

What do American Cockroaches Look Like?

American Cockroaches are quite big. Adults can be up to 2 inches long. Both males and females have fully developed reddish-brown wings. Wings of adult males extend slightly beyond its body.  Wings of adult females are shorter.

Where do American Cockroaches Live?

American cockroaches typically live and breed outdoors. They enter homes looking for food and water. They are commonly found in sewers, boiler rooms, basements, steam pipes, floor drains and water sumps. After heavy rain, basements can have an infestations of American cockroaches.​

How do American Cockroaches Enter My Home?

They are common inhabitants of sewers and can enter homes through sink and shower drains.

How Can I Tell if I Have American Cockroaches?

Look for these signs to determine if you have American cockroaches:

  • Egg capsules. American cockroach egg cases are dark-colored—reddish or blackish brown. They can be found in basements, laundry rooms or kitchens. The egg capsules may be under cabinets or behind appliances. American cockroaches also deposit their egg capsules behind stored items in garages and sheds.

  • Droppings. Look for dropping in dark areas where American cockroaches hide, including basements, pantries or behind appliances.  American cockroach droppings are small. Sometimes people mistake them for mouse droppings. American cockroach droppings are blunt on the ends while mouse droppings have pointed ends.

  • Shed skins. As American cockroaches mature they shed their skins. If you have a heavy infestation, these are easy to find and are often in piles.

    If there is plenty of food, American cockroaches can develop from egg to adult in as little as 5½ months.

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Do American Cockroaches Carry Diseases?

Yes. American cockroaches are known to carry over 30 types of bacteria such as Salmonella, as well as viruses. They can pick disease-causing bacteria on their legs  and later deposit them on foods, causing food poisoning, diarrhea and other illnesses.

Cockroach excrement and shed skins can also cause allergic reactions such as rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion and asthma.

How Do You Treat American Cockroaches?

The first step is a thorough inspection. After we confirm you have American cockroaches, we will create a custom treatment plan that can include:

  • Landscape modification. If American roaches are living around your home, you may need to remove dead leaves or rake mulch away from the foundation.

  • Gel or granular bait. We will apply these in areas where American cockroaches will eat them but out of reach of children or pets. 

  • Residual insecticides. Applied into cracks and crevices, these help keep American cockroaches from hiding in the treated areas. We may also apply a power spray around the outside perimeter of your home to help prevent American cockroaches from coming into your home.

How to Prevent American Cockroaches from Coming into Your Home


  • Seal exterior cracks holes around your home.

  • Tightly tie garbage bags. Keep your garbage cans closed and tidy.

  • Keep your kitchen floor clean. Wipe up spills and food crumbs immediately.

  • Clean your pet's food and water bowls regularly.

  • Call a pest management professional for American cockroach infestations.

Call High Rock Pest Control Today to Reclaim Your Home from American Cockroaches!

If you leave your American cockroach problem untreated, they can quickly grow in numbers and become more difficult to treat. It’s best to contact a pest control professional when you first see any signs of an infestation. 

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