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Ant Control

ant control cleveland

Finding ants marching all over your kitchen is not something you'd expect.


Yes. Ants are small and seemingly harmless. However, they are not welcome in your home.


These uninvited guests can build nests on your property, invade your kitchen, and, give you the creeps.

Ant Control Starts with One Question: What type of ants do you have?

There are many species of ants. That's why there's no single way to get rid of them. Each species behaves differently and responds to different treatments.

High Rock Pest Control has extensive experience and can easily identify which species of ants are invading your home.


Whether you need residential or commercial ant control in Cleveland, High Rock Pest Control can provide "rock solid" solutions to control your ant problem.

The two most common species of ants we treat are:

carpenter ant control cleveland
ant control cleveland

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Our Approach to Treating Ant Infestation in Cleveland

We follow the Integrated Pest Management Approach and tailor our treatments depending on the type of ant we are dealing with in homes and businesses around Baltimore.

Here are some general steps included in our ant infestation services:

  1. Inspect your home or property and identify the ant species.
  2. Treat those areas that are attractive and susceptible ants.

  3. Work with you to control the conditions that attract ants to your property.

  4. Locate and eliminate ant trails and pathways into your home with targeted treatment placements.

No matter how extensive your problem, High Rock Pest Control has a program to get rid of your ants...and keep them out. Just call us if you need help.

Why Trust a Professional When It Comes to Ant Control

There are plenty of DIY ant treatments on the market. However, it still pays to hire a professional. 


“Spraying here and there” is not a solution. In fact, we advise our Cleveland customers against using sprays to treat ants, especially in the kitchen where the toxins can get on your food preparation surfaces.


If you want to fight ants on your own, start by being proactive to reducing the chances of ants moving in.​

10 Tips on How to Prevent an Ant Infestation:
  1. Trim all branches and bushes close that are touching your home’s exterior. Ants can use these items to bypass the treated perimeter of your home.

  2. Don’t over-mulch, especially right next to the building. Keep it to three inches or less.

  3. Don’t leave tree stumps (or any wood) in your yard to decay.

  4. If you store wood outdoors, try to avoid direct contact with the ground or right next to your home.

  5. Keep an eye on decaying wood and replace damaged wood as necessary.

  6. Keep your kitchen surfaces clean. Wipe up spills immediately.

  7. Clean your pet’s food bowls regularly. 

  8. Monitor indoor humidity and establish a good water drainage system outdoors.

  9. Get rid of any piles of leaves, twigs, fire wood, and bricks.

  10. Don’t store firewood directly on the ground or too close to your home.

Call High Rock Pest Control Today for Effective, Affordable Ant Control.

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