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Wasps & Bees

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Yellow Jacket
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Carpenter Bee

Stinging insects like bees and yellow jackets send more than 500,000 people to the emergency room each year.

In the warm summer months, stinging insects buzz around your home, often building nests inside attics and gutters, or under decks or eaves.


It is important to find and seal cracks and crevices to keep these pests from migrating indoors.

Getting Rid of Wasps or Bees is Not a DIY Project

If you find a stinging insect nest on your property, do not try to remove it yourself.  Contact a licensed pest management professional immediately. 


They have the knowledge, experience and tools to remove your wasps or bees safely and effectively. They will be able to inspect your home, confirm the type of stinging insect and recommend a plan of action.

Effective Wasp and Bee Control Starts With Proper Identification  

High Rock Pest Control can accurately identify the stinging pest that is bothering you and your family. Once one of our trained professionals identify the pest, he will develop a plan to get rid of your wasps or bees...and keep them from coming back.

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

If your wasps or bees keep coming back, we'll keep coming back. At no extra charge.


We're just as concerned about ridding your home or wasps or bees as you are. That's why we stand behind our work and will do everything in our power to keep your home safe from wasps, hornets and bees. 


Success! Message received.

These pests are covered under our
Home Protection Plan!

We won't stop until
your bees stop!

3 Reasons to Choose High Rock Pest Control to Remove Your Stinging Pests:
  1. Quick response time. Our trained technicians will be at your home the same day in most cases. 

  2. Experience. We have extensive experinece treating and removing wasps, bees and hornets.

  3. 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're not happy, until your happy. Or your money back.

Call High Rock Pest Control Today to Rid Your Home of Wasps or Bees!

Don't wait until you or someone in your family gets stung.


Call us today to set up an appointment: (216) 202-4398.

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